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Un peu Pokou / mercredi 26 janvier
Mémoire de tous les coups tordus de la Françafrique, le Prince Pokou a entendu bien des choses. Dernière chronique.


Oh, dear ! « Bakchich » is also in english ! Some top stories and other investigations are available for our beloved french-speaking fans

When Jospin’s government used to have deals with General Pinochet’s friend (PART 5)

INQUIRY ON THE DCN AND THALES / 30 juillet 2008 par Laurent Léger, Nicolas Beau, Maïté Labat
To sell submarines to Chile in 1997, Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin let the DCN call upon the services of one of General Pinochet’s closest consultant. And this juicy contract is still going (…)

When Chirac and Balladur fight over the slush funds (PART 4)

INQUIRY ON THE DCN AND THALES / 22 juillet 2008 par Nicolas Beau, Laurent Léger
Bakchich tells the backstage story about the frigate sales, submarines, torpedo boats and other military boats : many juicy markets signed by our politicians and industrialists. The fight that tore the right-wing apart for the 1995 presidential (…)

Jean-Marie Boivin, the Alfred Sirven of weaponry (PART 3)

INQUIRY ON THE DCN AND THALES / 22 juillet 2008 par Nicolas Beau, Laurent Léger
As Bakchich revealed it in the previous article, indictments are starting to fall in the DCN case, notably on Wednesday June 25 against a former employee of the DST who was in charge of carrying out discreet missions for our brave weapon (…)

DCN and Thales’ Weapons Sale, From huge contracts of the ’90s to little arrangements between friends (PART 2)

INQUIRY ON THE DCN AND THALES / 16 juillet 2008 par Nicolas Beau, Laurent Léger
“Bakchich” was able to get their hands on confidential documents on the DCN upon which the justice didn’t really decide to investigate (but just charged people on secondary intelligence), and dissected the networks that allowed big commissions in (…)

Weapons Sale, DCN, Thales, Slush fund : “Bakchich’s” Exposure (PART 1)

INQUIRY ON THE DCN AND THALES / 16 juillet 2008 par Nicolas Beau, Laurent Léger
During the two years of preliminary investigations, police found the slush funds of the biggest French weapon market of the last couple years at the Direction of Naval Construction (DCN). The justice committed this case to two magistrates of the (…)

Chirac or the blessed times for Syria

turning round / 26 juin 2008 par Amédée Sonpipet
If Jacques Chirac refuses to go to the July 14th ceremony because the Head of Syrian state Bacha el-Assad might be there, he wasn’t always so execrable with Damas’s regime. In the meantime, his friend Rafic Hariri, former prime minister of (…)

Olympics : Hardly the Gay Games

CHINA / 10 avril 2008 par Doug Ireland
The Chinese police are cleaning up the city, and the gay community is getting caught in the sweep. Crackdowns in gay neighborhoods are becoming frequent in Beijing, not a good place to be queer…

Ooh la la ! French Bread Rises to the Occasion

Gastronomy / 5 avril 2008 par Maïté Labat
It was THE contest in France this week… yet the French press didn’t print a single line about it. The only paper that did mention it was “The Wall Street Journal” – better know for its financiers than its foodies…. yet on April 3, they devoted a full (…)

Angela’s Got Game

Germany / 24 mars 2008 par Anna-Patricia Kahn
Angela Merkel, the German Iron Lady, recently returned from an important official visit to the State of Israel. A chance to reinforce the outlines of the new German diplomacy… and to push their French pals to the sidelines of European leadership (…)

Burma : Total & Kouchner see eye to eye

Burma / 24 mars 2008 par Olivier Dours
In Asia, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs never misses a chance to lend a hand to his pals at Total, who are getting bogged down in the Buddhist monks’ rebellion.
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